I was so excited to finally get my implants. My first "free consultation" in NC said that they would do the whole process for $54,000.

I could not afford that in any way shape or form at the time. Fast forward to 5 years later, when I was in a more financially stable situation after moving to Texas. My husband and I went to the ClearChoice in Dallas, TX. My free consultation lead to a new quote of $42,000, which we were required to sign to acknowledge that we understood the quote.

After they had my husband and I apply for 4 different loans (2 for Lending Club and 2 for CareCredit cards), we found out that even with all that, what we could pay directly from our bank, what we could pay with our already existing credit cards...the monthly payments were still out of the range we could afford monthly. It was just impossible. Just before we thanked them for their time and left, the financial adviser we were working with said that he would talk to the doctor and see if there was anything we could do. He came back in the room a few minutes later with Dr.

Ross. Dr. Ross told my husband and I that he felt sympathy for my case as I was so young, had children, my teeth were so bad, my constant pain and infections, and that he was really worried that if I continued on without the implants for much longer that I wouldn't have enough bone to do the surgery in the first place, and all the infection running rampant through my body would kill me sooner rather than later. With this shared knowledge, he told us that he was willing to give us a discount and a split plan so that we could afford it, and we could get started right away.

A new quote was drafted to reflect this new plan that we all signed. Under this new plan, my new cost for my entire mouth from the very first appointment, all the way through to my permanents and all follow ups and everything in between was $30,000. The doctor agreed to this lower price, and to split it in half by doing the top first, then after that was paid off, we'd do the bottom, and he gave me the option to put in the permanents in as we did top and bottom, or wait until they were both done and put in the permanents in at the same time. Note that this option doesn't change anything about the price, just when certain parts happen.

Now, just to be clear, that means that (as the doctor and the financial adviser explained fully) we would pay $15,000 to have all my top remaining teeth removed, 4 titanium post surgically inserted, a temporary bridge while it heals, then a permanent bridge when its done, and all the appointments, follow ups, xrays, impressions, everything. Then this would repeat for the bottom. My husband and I even asked, several times, to make sure that this $30,000 included everything from start to finish (finish being all the follow ups after the permanent was placed, we asked to be sure), with no extra costs, no surprise fees, all inclusive. So, with the Doctor and the financial adviser agreed, we signed the financial contract to start the whole process on the top.

We were told that before we could schedule the first appointment (which is $1,000 by itself, but that would go towards the cost of the $15,000), we had to pay the first $7,000 of the $15,000. So before we left the office that day, we had paid the $1,000, and gave them $7,500 between cash and loans. So with $8,500 paid before we ever left the office, we set up my first appointment, and signed a financial agreement to pay the leftover $6,500 in 6 months. Before the surgery could be done, the entire $15,000 needed to be paid, but the appointments for the first and second visits (initial and first impressions/options for my new teeth respectively) before the surgery were spaced to that it would be paid by the time I needed to set up my surgery date.

This repeats for the bottom as well. Now - I want to state that the staff and doctors were always kind, welcoming, and capable. The surgeries went well, there was very little pain during the quick healing time, and so far my temporaries have been well aligned, and I'm satisfied with them. HOWEVER, my problem is that WE WERE DELIBERATELY LIED TO AND MISLEAD TO GET OUR MONEY.

The first quote and the two financial contracts were all scanned in the system, though the first quote was supposed to be shredded since they financed us on a lower price. The staff (and even doctors) were constantly rotating out where sometimes we would go to a whole new set of employees per visit. People kept getting fired, "let go", or quit. I had chose to have my permanents put in at the same time so they could be sure to fit perfectly together.

Now that our two financial contracts are paid in full, all $30,000, they are REFUSING to give me my permanent bridges. The new staff says that my original quote was $42,000, therefore I owe $12,000 more before they'll give them to me (my last impressions have already been made and everything). I had an employee come to me during my last visit (final impressions visit to have my permanents made) and told me that my financial contracts were explained to me "incorrectly" and that it says I have to pay an EXTRA $7,000 per contract ($14,000 in total) for my permanents, not that I had to pay $7,000 of my $15,000 before I could get started. This doesn't make any sense since the numbers don't add up.

They seem to think that we were given a quote of $42,000, then agreed to pay $44,000. Which again, doesn't make any sense. The employee even had the audacity to tell me that "she felt bad" that I "misunderstood" my contract, and said that to help make up for it, they would only make me pay $12,000 instead of $14,000, and that they wouldn't even make me sign a financial contract for it, I'm just supposed to start sending them all this extra money, that I don't have. I don't know how *** they think I am, but I asked MORE than enough questions to FULLY understand all the financial obligations required for the full process.

I am also very aware that by not "making" me sign a financial contract means that there is no paper trail to show that they are making me pay more money for something I've already paid for. They also have refused to give me copies of my file showing the contracts I signed, every payment I've made, and that my two financial contracts that I DID sign are paid in full. THEY NEED TO BE SUED, but my temporaries they gave me are not full, I'm missing back teeth, so I NEED my permanents. It's like they did it on purpose.

I've given them all my extra money - I had to work extra shifts, my husband had to work extra shift, I had family and friends, including myself, donating plasma twice a week to help. I don't have the money for a lawyer, and they knew that from the very first financial meeting.

They do good work, and I can honestly say that what I've paid SO FAR for my teeth are worth it - but take my advice and NEVER GO TO A FINANCIAL MEETING WITH THEM WITHOUT A LAWYER PRESENT. That way they cannot lie to you and *** over.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Monetary Loss: $14000.

Preferred solution: I don't need a dime refunded, I just want my PERFECT permanents, as I ordered them put in my mouth PROPERLY with no other problems. They are paid for, then I leave happy, they would've held up their end of the contract, and I'll never use them again..

Clear Choice Pros: I loved feeling welcome, I loved how they remembered my name and who i was, Dentists did a good job, Temporary bridge was well made.

Clear Choice Cons: Being lied to about what i was paying for, Being lied to about how much it was going to cost, Having my intelligence underestimated, Them forcing me to pay 12k for something i already paid for.

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The same thing happened to me. I was told that I would get just the top teeth pulled and replaced with the 4 post temporary implant, then in 4 months I would receive my permanent teeth.

I told them up front that my financial situation wasn't great. I too was told that the dentist felt sympathy for me and my situation. She even cried and held my hand. Now she is totally cold towards me as if I somehow did her wrong.

They told me for $17,000.00 I could get this done. I gave them $2,000.00 up front and financed $15,000.00. As the fourth month approached, I asked when I would get the permanent set and I knew right away that something was wrong by the look on the dental assistants face. I asked her what was wrong and she mumbled " as soon as you get your financing in order" I started to have a panic attack and I was told that I would need another $10,000.00 to get the permanent set.

I began to yell that they know I don't have $10,000.00. I was very upfront about what I could afford. The consult guy kept telling me to calm down and don't worry. He said "we will work it out".

He told me that he would call me. A year later and still no phone call.

I see him every time I come in to have these temporary teeth repaired when they break (which is often) and he barely looks at me. This place is a total scam and I am going to contact a lawyer.


Bad business


I read your whole story. ..you can look into free legal aid in your locality.

I would use Google.

and the telephone book as well as call The City or Town Hall and ask if they can recommend legal Services or where to call for Free Legal Aide. We did on another type issue and were surprised that there are Lawyers who will represent you free of charge...I would see to it that you get what you paid for.....


Thank you for taking the time to write this review. This along with others is enough to keep me away!


You are absolutely welcome! I didn't realize I had written so much. They do really good work, and implants are a wonderful option - just if you decide to get a consultation, take a lawyer with you.


Where are your copies of the contracts ?

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