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I have had so much trouble with broken teeth on temporary and permanent teeth. They make excuses to try to make it my fault.

Just today I flew in from Wisconsin with my top front teeth broken in half split open it felt like pieces of glass cutting my upper lip and my tongue. They removed it and told me I would have to leave and come back while they fix it. I'm sitting outside, in pain my lip, tongue hurt so much. I haven't ate anything but liquid.

I was told they are going to charge me because me because the teeth are only guaranteed 5 Yrs. I remember their commercials saying the teeth lasted the rest of your life. I was told I would be able to eat anything. These teeth have broken on toast on more than one occasion.

I am so unhappy with clear choice. They are your best friend till they get your money. They treat you so well. After you pay it off they bump your appointments further apart.

They no longer have appointments right away. I know all we want is to be able to smile.

But there has to be a better way. I could go on forever with my story but my batterie is drained.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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This is the 3rd time mine has broken just went in November and its broken again they want to charge me150.00 to repair it. If it was fixed right the first time it would not have broken that quick.

They trying to say I broke it in my sleep biting down on my teeth. It's all about the money now.

Dr Lewis said anytime I had problem come on back but he did not they would last only 5 yrs. That's a lot of money to spend on teeth 24000.00 that only last for 5yrs.

@Billie Fickling

You didn’t get the cubic zirconia? I paid $50,000 I’ve had two surgeries now, first one was the major one.

Two implants failed. The first one they pulled 26 teeth and gave me NO PAIN MEDS at all. Jesus H. It was *** Then my surgery last week I’m in severe pain can’t sleep waking up every hour.

It is awful. I need to know if anyone else has gone to locations on the east coast. I paid cash upfront and didn’t get my surgery for SEVEN months but tried to say it was bc of me I needed bone graft. They noticed six infections in May 2018 DIDNT want to give antibiotics so they let the infection sit in my gums for seven months, obviously affecting mood and INFECTION DAMAGED MY BONE Common sense!

So upset I went here. I am 31, genetically I got a bad lot w my teeth my grandmother had too dentures by 30.

This is so embarrassing and shameful to go through at a young age (I don’t want CC to figure out what patient I am for legal reasons) AND they dragging it out. Im SO sad

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