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I went to Clear Choice to see what they could do about my teeth problem and they said they could fix me up in one day get it all done and I said OK lets look into that. The employee who handles the finances and loans overwhelmed me with how good everything is going to be I have my life is going to change everything is going to be better youre going to look so good lets see if we can get you qualified for a loan Im like OK so we going to her office and she still just telling me how awesome its going to be shes overwhelming me with praise and how great it is going to be and that shes getting on the line with the financer is she still praising me how great things are going to be she keeps my mind off thinking what I should be thinking she says I qualify for a loan and its going to cost $44,000 at 19.99% at the time I did not know that.

She kept me so distracted about praising and how great its going to be as shes on the phone with the financer she comes back and say youve been proved you been approved lets get this started he will make another appointment OK just need to get going she did not even ask me if I had any dental insurance I will get boeing I got great boeing dental insurance she overwhelmed me with such praise and I didnt even think about that so when I did talk to them about it and I found out about a year later I didnt know call me naïve sure. I told them I had PPO they cover a lot of this and she said Well its been longer than the fiscal year covered so your insurance cant help you. So again I went and broke another tooth the fourth time and she said theyre just gonna keep breaking because youre grinding my teeth down. I said why would you put $44,000 of teeth in my mouth that actually grind down?

Well she said thats the basic material we use but youre probably gonna need to get an upgrade. An upgrade why would I need to upgrade when I paid $44,000 for these teeth and she says well you didnt get the upgrade and that cost $12,000 more. She said Im about out of my five your coverage plan and then I will have to start paying $2000 every time my toothbrush so she said for $12,000 more you can have teeth I will not break.

I cant believe these people they suck you win they give you the cheapest kind of teeth which will break by eating the grape, and a bologna sandwich.So now after the upgrade that theyre forcing me to take Im into it now for over $98,000. Good luck to you all Clear Choice is a rip off their criminals and they do it through the legal system

User's recommendation: Heck no way. They will suck you win and rip you off.

Monetary Loss: $50.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clear Choice Pros: Look great as an expensive but cheap quality.

Clear Choice Cons: Missed lead you by rushing you through the process.

Location: 1200 112th Avenue Northeast, Bellevue, WA 98004

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