1101 N Lake Destiny Rd Suite 130, Maitland, FL 32751, USA
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They make it look amazing on the TV commercials. What they don't tell you is that all mishaps are your fault.

So far I have spent $34,500 dollars to get the surgery and "temporary implants." The tempoaries have broken 5 times both on the top and bottom. I was told it was my fault for not wearing my night guard. Only problem is that I did not receive the night guard. In fact I received little to no direction from the professionals at the "Maitland Florida Office".

They say that there is always someone who is not happy and I guess I am that guy but let me ask you a question.

How would you feel if you bought into their teeth in a day only to be in constant pain and humiliated for the last 2 months. Now it's approaching time to get the perminant chicklets, Do I give them the additional $15,000 to complete the disaster?

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

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I paid $165.00 for another 3D scan someplace else I'm glad to have someone else check out the work. (If they messed up on anything CC will cover it up with the permanent teeth).

And blame you when they begen to fail.

My work was done in Portland Or it is so bad they refused to fix it.

I know $165 is a lot after what you've already paid But it's well worth it for peace of mind in the long run. Clear Choice does not care about your quality of life.

They have no reason to invest any more time or product into you. The only grantee you can count on from clear choice is to do what's best for them. Again your quality of life does not matter to clear choice.

Good luck to you. And all the other clear choice VICTIMS out there.


No do not finish paying go over your contract. The finals will break and believe me they will.

I have had mine break so many times and they blame me. Now they tell me they are going to charge me. Because they were only guaranteed for 5years. And mind you this is the front desk lady who makes appt.

She has always been rude to me. At first she was so nice telling me oh no don't worry we'll wait for you to get here. As soon as they got all my money it was all gone . When I call to get in she'll give me an appt weeks or months away.

I hope you get better treatment than what I've gotten. Good luck


You should defenetly go someplace else to finish the job.


I'm in the same boat. They told me my temps would be good for a year.

My bottom temp broke about a week after I received my fixed temporary fixed uppers. I am hopping to find another place to get my permanent ones.

@Jon VanMeter

I’ve spent $21K and Clear Choice still wants another $7K to give me my permanent full set of upper teeth.Again, this is for my upper teeth only.Please believe me and the all the other victims...you can read my story in detail but I’m the one trying to lead a class action against these horrible doctors & corporation. I’m not an attorney but I have spoken to over ten former or current patients...all life changing our quality of life for the worse!Pain and migraines EVERY DAY!!Buyers beware !Those who want to join me in the legal process please contact me directly -Samantha T.972.955.9200

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