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My husband died because of repeated complications with such a drastic removal of teeth all at once. He was only 59 and in good health and an executive in Miami Fl.

I live in Overland Park Kansas now with my son since my husbands death 4 months ago, oh how he suffered. I have pictures of all the brusing all the way down his chest and......... I wish I would have never recommended Clear Choice Fort Lauderdale fl. it was a fatal mistake.

Please go to a dentist that will put only two or 3 individual implants in at a time.

Don't try to save a few$$$ take it slow. My beloved husband of 17 years is gone :(

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: death catastropic shock.

Monetary Loss: $17.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clear Choice Cons: Husband died only 59 yrs old.

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Wow. You claim your husband died from a treatment that thousands go through every year and that’s the fault of the medical provider? Do you treat everything in your life with the same victim mentality?


Are you ignorant? Yes read before writing idiot


Please explain in more detail. I’m sorry to ask that from you, but I am terrified for my husband that had his done on January 30th.

He is in so much pain. One of the implants went into his sinus and I think that is causing massive headaches.

For someone that had this done, what danger signs did you notice and when? What exactly is catastrophic shock?


My boyfriend died from clear choice and he had no heart problems. Once you get bacteria that’s hard to get rid of and then it goes to your heart and that’s what happened to my boyfriend


There isn't any amount of $ that will bring my beloved back. He complained but no one would help.

Please go to a dentist that will put just a few in at a time.


Thank you. I was taking my mother, but like you said it just didn't feel right.

It felt like a use car dealer! Not accepting insurance, not giving you real answer.

I decided to read up on them and saw all the complain and ran. Thank you and sorry for your loss

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