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CHRONOLOGY: 03-JUN-2014: I received an implant on 03-JUN-2014 by Dr. M.

Don R****. Some of the steps did not happen that I had been told would happen (i.e. no sedation was used (only a local anesthetic), no mouth-wash or anti-biotic prescription was called-in to the pharmacy in advance). 12-JUN-2014: I returned to ClearChoice for a follow-up.

The dentist (Dr. Jennifer K****) asked me if I had received the sedation, mouth-wash and anti-biotic prescription during the implant procedure. I responded: “No”. Dr.

Jennifer K**** said, “OK, this is not going well. But fortunately, there is no infection or issues.” 08-DEC-2014: Received tooth #18 (08-DEC-2014) for $4,500 (at ClearChoice in Dallas, TX at 9101 N. Central Expressway, Suite #520). 07-JAN-2015: One month later, tooth #18 came loose on 07-JAN-2015.

I must have swallowed the screw holding tooth #18, because it was gone, and the filling over the top-of-the-screw was gone. There was a sharp pin protruding from the implant by about 1/8 of an inch, which was stabbing my tongue when I was not careful. I called ClearChoice to make an appointment to have the tooth re-attached, but the earliest appointment was 13 days later on 20-JAN-2015. 18-JAN-2015: I accidentally swallowed tooth #18 on 18-JAN-2015.

20-JAN-2015: I arrived for scheduled appointment. A temporary top was placed on the implant. 26-FEB-2015: Five weeks later, a new tooth #18 was received on 26-FEB-2015. 29-DEC-2017: The tooth #18 fell off (again), and the bottom of the screw is missing.

There is a white thread (looks like pipe threading tape) protruding from the bottom of tooth #18 (see picture below). IF this tooth is going to come loose every 1.5 years (on average), and leads to considerable costs for repairs each time, I am beginning to wonder if this is worth $4,500 , and whether there is some defect in the tooth, and/or implant, and/or process?

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $4500.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Clear Choice Cons: Quality of service and product.

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29-JAN-2018:03:00PM CST (TUE): Arrived for appointment to repair tooth#18, which came loose a second time (twice in less than 3 years) on 29-DEC-2017. Received 3rd tooth#18, but it did not fit and could not be used.

It took over 2 hours and considerable pain and numerous shots to remove the bottom of the broken tooth #18; Clear Choice made new molds for a 4th replacement for tooth#18, and scheduled a new appointment on 20-FEB-2018; 20-FEB-2018:03:00PM CST (TUE): Arrived for appointment to repair tooth#18, but they had no record of the appointment (despite I received a business-appointment card for this date-and-time of 20-FEB- 2018:03:00PM. Also, they said my tooth had not yet been received, was not ready, and they reset the appointment for 22-FEB-2018; 22-FEB-2018:03:00PM CST (TUE): Received 4th tooth#18 on 20-FEB-2018:03:00pm; This was the 10th appointment/visit to ClearChoice related to tooth #18. 12-MAY-2018:02:20PM CST (THU): The filling came loose for tooth #18. I must have swallowed it.

I called and made an appointment for 24- MAY-2018 02:20pm; Called (469)232-5454 on 14-MAY-2018 09:57am to make appointment for filling that fell out of tooth #18. There was no answer, so I left a message. Called again at 14-MAY-2018 09:57am , but was told that the office was closed until 21-MAY-2018, after they moved to new location at 7557 Rambler Road, Dallas, TX 75231. Called again at 21-MAY-2018 10:00am , and received appointment on THU, 24-MAY-2019 02:20PM; 24-MAY-2018:02:20PM CST (THU): Received filling (which came loose/out on 12-MAY-2018); This was the 11th appointment related to tooth #18.

25-MAY-2018:02:46PM CST (FRI): The filling (received yesterday, 24-MAY-2018) came loose for tooth #18 (again). I must have swallowed it. I called (469)232-5454 and left a voice message (with name, mobile number, and issue with tooth#18 filling, and a request for an appointment for a new filling; 31-MAY-2018:12:30PM CST (THU): Appointment for new filling for 4th tooth #18; 12th visit related to tooth #18; ClearChoice said the remaining filling in tooth #18 is sufficient, despite there still being a depression (hole) in the center of the tooth; 22-JUN-2018:08:00PM CST (FRI): The 4th tooth#18 (received 22-FEB-2018) broke in half (outer side broke off) on 22-JUN-2018 (see below); I must have swallowed the half that broke off. The broken edges are quite sharp.

The 1st tooth#18 was originally received on 08-DEC-2014, broke loose on 07-JAN-2015, and was lost on 18-JAN-2015; The 2nd tooth#18 was received on 26-FEB-2015, and broke loose on 29-DEC-2017; The 3rd tooth#18 did not fit and could not be used, so Clear Choice made new molds for 4th replacement tooth; The 4th tooth#18 was supposed to be received on 20-FEB-2018, but they had no record of the appointment (despite the date-and-time written on the appointment card); The 4th tooth#18 was received on 22-FEB-2018; The 4th tooth#18 broke 4 months later (on 22-JUN-2018) as shown below; 27-JUN-2018:08:00PM CST (WED): Broken Tooth#18 was removed, and a temporary metal post was inserted; Next appointment for (new metal) 5th tooth#18 set for 01-AUG-2018 09:20AM This was the 13th appointment/visit related to tooth#18; 01-AUG-2018:09:20PM CST (WED): Received 5th tooth#18, which appears to be half porcelain tooth, with metal added to it; The top edges of the tooth are very sharp, and hurting tongue; This was the 14th appointment/visit related to tooth#18; 02-AUG-2018:02:20PM CST (THU): This is the 15th appointment/visit related to tooth#18 (60-mile round trip; 60 x15 = 900 miles driven); I received the 5th tooth#18 the day before, on 01-AUG-2018 (appears to be half porcelain and metal); However, the top edges of the tooth are very sharp (see below), and hurting tongue, so the sharp edges were ground down (rounded) so that they were not so sharp. Hence, I am on my 5th tooth in less than 3 years and 8 months, and I wonder if the tooth will last the remaining 1 year and 4 months of the 5 year warranty?


Went on 29-JAN-2018 (60 mile round trip) to get 3rd tooth (1st and 2nd broke). However, the 3rd tooth was defective.

It was no where close to the correct size. It was about 3/16 of an inch too high, and the implant was exposed because they carved off too much gum tissue during the previous visit. They spent 90 minutes to make new molds for the 4th tooth #18, which won't be ready until 20-FEB-2018.

They told me the tooth has a 5 year warranty. I am now on the 4th tooth repair in 2 years.


They tell you the price is for everything. If it breaks they fix it.

Well if they get tired of you they will charge that's what they told me. I've been in with broken teeth over and over. They act like you want to come in cuz they are so nice. I really hate going and hate calling the office.

My mouth was left torn up it's full of blisters and cuts I felt like I had glass in my mouth from the front of the dentures breaking the edges were so sharp it ripped my mouth up.

I'm sorry for what your going through. I feel your pain.

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