Oscoda, Michigan

Missing teeth, mouth pain, embarrassing smile are just a few reasons I called Clear Choice. I knew I did not want what was inevitably going to be my future..DENTURES!

I did not want to deal with denture adhesives, taking teeth out, having them slip and so on. I spent a lifetime of suffering and disappointment in temporary fixes and results that just cost me tons of money, only to be left with 11 existing teeth! I made the call, and to my surprise I thought I had found the final solution to my problem. The Staff, what an amazing staff!

all of you guys were just beyond expectation, by the end of the experience I felt they were my friends, no lie! Just the grooviest bunch I ever met, and their dedication is off the chain! I started the process Oct 2nd, 2018 and had my permanent finals in May. The process takes time, even though you leave with a full set of temporary permanent teeth.

In this case, every minute was totally worth it, every appointment was a pleasurable experience! It truly was the best money I ever spent!! Dr Ahmed Afify you are the BOMB! and so is your staff, I love the experience and dedication you showed to me, cant wait to see you all at my 6 month appointment!

Anyone reading this review that may have reservations, make the appointment and you will be inspired for the life you have wanted, the smile you want to show, and the overall happiness it will bring to your life when you can SMILE and be confident. See you all soon!

Just for the record I am a 52 yr old woman that has an amazing SMILE! that really makes me look 38 lol I love it!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dentistry Doctor.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Clear Choice Pros: Waiting room, Video, Smile, Dental doctors, I loved feeling welcome.

  • Best Experence Ever
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Are you a bot? Or have thinking issues?

One star and yet you describe doc is “the bomb” and that the staff is “groovy”??

What!? this Review has to be a lie


why a one-star review if they're so perfect?

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