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Paid 40K to have a full mouth reconstruction and was told that the implants would be 5X stronger than my real teeth. After two years the bottom back molars from where the post is broke off.

I went back to the office and they stated my bite force was too strong. Also had the front upper tooth chip. They dentist there told me that they have a new option at 10K that was even stronger. I have no choice but to pay for the service.

I live 3.5 hours away from the San Diego office and just found out prior to the breakage that their is an office in West Covina area so I called them and told them about the issues I was having. I made 4 different calls to the West Covina office and they said they would get my records. I finally got a message that they could not get my records so I am now making the drive to San Diego. 8 hour round trip verses a two hour round trip and having to miss a full day from work is not making me happy.

Got my temporary two week trial teeth and have an infection from the denture pushing against the gum line and now have to suck it up until my next appointment because I do not want to make the drive.

I have now paid a good amount of money and I will not and cannot recommend Clear Choice. The least they could have done was to forward my stuff to the closer office.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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You might wish to get an exam by a local dentist you or friends trust and see what he thinks about your problems. He may refer you to a local specialist depending on what he thinks.

You paid alot of money for something that doesn't work correctly and then paid an extra 10k for what is claimed to be better. I suggest a second---or third opinion at this point. Clear choice is a large outfit with locations all over the states. Being large does not make them the best choice.

It's always best to consult with your local dentist when you have problems like yours or any dental problems out of the ordinary. The local guy can refer you to a good provider as he usually knows who is good and who is not.

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