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I had a consultation for an implant because a capped lower molar fractured underneath the cap. This tooth was part of a two molar bridge I have had for over 10 years.

At the consultation, I was forced to watch an educational video about implants interspersed with glowing Clear Choice patient reviews. This was followed by a lengthy sales presentation from a salesperson who had zero dental credentials, because I asked directly what their level of expertise was qualifying them for their role. This was then followed by the dentist coming in and reviewing my x-ray and escalating the seriousness of my problem and the need to have quick intervention. The sales person came back in after a 20-minute wait with a price of $13,500 for two implants.

As a medical professional, I watched this "dog and pony show" with interest and then told them this was a total racket and both their price and mode of presentation was ridiculous.

I have since had two implants done by a local cosmetic dentist for less than $7000. I did not have everything done in one day, but the 8 week was worth saving over $6000K!!

User's recommendation: Shop around, ask questions, be wary, and compare!!

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