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After reading about other peoples issues with the Clear Choice warranty I had to write a comment. I was surprised as others were when I went in for another broken tooth that there was only a 5 year warranty on the work done.

My warranty just expired but they are now pushing the zirconium "upgrade" that would add another 5 years to my warranty. Supposedly the zirconium is unbreakable??? If so, why only a 5 year warranty. If I got the upgrade I'm afraid my implants would then be the weak links and start to fail.

That seems so much worse than getting my current Titanium bridge with porcelain/ceramic (or whatever it currently is) fixed 1-2 times a year. If what I have read is correct, the warranty varies with location. Seems odd for a franchise...

Aside from the warranty, I have been very pleased with the whole experience. I had no enamel on my teeth from all the citrus I ate right off the trees in my youth.

Always had pain in my mouth. Fillings were followed closely by a root canal/crown only to have it extracted within 2 years anyway. Dentists couldn't do anything about my failing teeth so the all on 4 was the best solution for my situation. Luckily I had it done in my late 40's and didn't require any bone graph.

It is allot of $$$ but for me, worth it. Just wish the warranty was better or at least explained way back when I got them put in.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

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Jennifer D

WOW I didn't know and was not aware of the short warranty. The more I read I feel so stupid and screwed over.


Report has some similar findings I have experienced with mine, especially the 5 year warranty *surprise* when I had a tooth (1) breaking out repeatedly (4).

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