I have had bad teeth all of my adult life, so when I saw the ads for Clear Choice, I felt there was hope for me, that I , too could have the pearly white teeth we all admire on our favorite stars.

My story: I went to the Clear Choice office for a consultation, and after an hour or so of sales pitch, I left, feeling dejected, due to the cost, which would have been nearly 50,000 dollars.

On my way down the stairs to the parking lot, I saw a stack of business cards on the table in the lobby. I looked and the cards said, "New Teeth", at practically no cost to you."

I hurriedly dialed the number, and a pleasant woman answered the phone and told me how easy and inexpensive the process was, but that it would involve a short trip abroad.

"No problem!" I said, and agreed to the terms we discussed over the phone. The operator offered to have a car pick me up at home the next morning and so I went home to pack an overnight bag. I was so excited, finally, new teeth, no more hiding and holding my hand over my mouth or looking away from people.

The next AM, the car they sent was in the driveway at 8:00 A sharp. I bounded down the stairs and jumped in to the backseat for the ride to the airport.

As we drove, I tried to engage the driver in some light conversation, but it was difficult to understand him. The driver had a thick Bulgarian accent and spoke in a low monotone voice. I gave up after a few minutes since the conversation was rather painful.

Suddenly we pulled in to a warehouse door way, and the door rolled up as he drove in to the darkened building.

I asked what was going on, but got no answer. I started to panic a little, but then a very attractive young woman appeared at the door, wearing a very revealing nurses uniform. I have to admit I was a little confused, I had believed the procedure would be done overseas and that I was going to be on a plane, not in a dark warehouse.

I got out of the car and 2 large men took hold of me from behind, the nurse flashed a huge hypodermic syringe and then jabbed it in to my thigh, pushing the plunger down as it scraped along my thighbone. It hurt terribly but I soon fell unconscious.

My next sensation was that my whole body was aching and cold. I heard sloshing and watery sounds all around me, the air smelled of rotting meat. I could not see anything at all.

I struggled to find my self and get a bearing on where I was, but I could only feel my way around what felt like cold tile and wet cold slick surfaces. I realized I had no clothes, I was naked, and my skin was freezing cold, with goose flesh all over. I just hugged myself and squinted and tried to see, but there was only darkness.

I lost consciousness again, and fell to the cold wet floor.

It is now a year later, I have no corneas in my eyes, and am totally blind in both eyes, one of my kidneys is gone, and all of my good teeth are missing. They told me I must have been kidnapped and taken to a makeshift operating room, and taken apart for my body parts. Someone else now sees with my eyes and I live in a drafty residential hotel in downtown. My wife and kids left soon after my attack, taking all of my money and even my harmonica collection that I had prized so much.

Please just go to Clear Choice and let them fix your teeth, you don't want to end up like me!


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Actually, my experience with Clearchoice in Tigard Oregon hasn't been much better !!! Go to a reputable endodontist.

Clearchoice is nothing more than sales pitch, ploys, and selling u a wish,dream, preying on vulnerable, desperate people. Very nice, then they get yur $$$ and it ALL Changes.

Very very very disappointed and hurt.. Too late to say "Next Time" Run, Run, Run !!!


I don't believe one word of this commentary. I have just started my research and have no opinion or financial interest in clear choice.

I just want people to know this "story" is absurd and I don't believe one word of it. neither should you.


OMG Leon! This is a horror story!

i am so sorry this has happened to you! My heart goes out to you!And to top it off your family left you.God Bless you!


Leon, you could have a promising future as a fiction writer. LMAO..




Ok Leon. Why would anybody get in the car with somebody they dont know and/or why would you agree to go abroad to have a surgery to a person you don't know over the phone?

There are criminals all over the world involved in selling human organs so I don't know what you were thinking when you gave a stranger your address. Very strange that an adult male would be so careless & clueless as to his health and safety.


I don't believe a word of this story. this guy has watched too many gangster movies.

I have no affiliation or contacts with Clear Choice. I am just reading reviews/comments regarding clear choice and other dental/implant firms. again, this story is utterly wild.

in my 70 years on planet earth, ive never heard a story like this. sheer nuts.


My husband 66 years had his surgery in early DEC I should have kept up with this post thing.We are 3 and 1/2 hr from the rockville office (near washington DC).

We went down the day before stayed over and he started and 8 am - 4 pm surgery was about 2 1/2 hours the rest was recovery and making and fitting temporary set of teeth. You must realize that the oral maxillary surgeon has just removed your remaining teeth (16in his case) shaved the jaws upper and lower to a flat surface to fit the prosthesis evenly on your jaw and placed 4 screws in the upper jaw and 4 screws lower jaw and stitched the gums closed over the entire surface of both jaws and around the screws.

There is no way this does not hurt and no one told us that it was painless.They attached his temporary teeth that day and we went back to our hotel. Lots of ice and pain meds and anti-inflammatory drugs.

We stayed in DC for 2 more days partly because there was a snow event and partly because i was uncomfortable leaving because we were so far away. He did eat soup next day. and eggs so night before and 3 more nights we left he was swollen and in pain but nothing ice the medication could not handle we ate omelets at I hop on the way home.

he had already planned 2 weeks vacation from work and was able to go back with a nice big white smile.

I would say for about 8 weeks he ate very soft diet and protein shakes and we had gotten a bullet blender thing. Lots of soup eggs fish (he loves fish cuban rice and beans spagetti etc. Anyone who has had screws put in for a broken anything can tell you about swelling and pain management YOU DO HAVE THE SURGERY AND THE TEMPORARY TEETH IN ONE DAY.

He lost the 10 lb.

his MD wanted !! You absolutely can not go back to anything that you have to pull on to eat hard bread or you WILL or can disloge the screws from your soft jaw bones.

So now we still have temporary teeth screws are firmly anchored in his bone even with his temporary teeth his is now eating crusty breads and pork chops good ones moist not rocks, We have had two of the 4 visits with films and fitting for permanent teeth actually permanently anchored dentures We will be finished probably this Dec. The experience has been great the office is great the physicians are experts in their fields. Now I/we can only testify for clear choice in rockville md. I met people who were not happy in the waiting room one broke the temp plate of teeth eating an apple what!!!

Another broke a tooth and was half way through and was eating the way she did before and had not lost one pound there is no way you could do this without loosing some weight. It takes a great deal of discipline and patience to do this without just *** the whole time he did great.would i so their you have it 8 months




I'm so sorry if this is true but; who just hops into a car and heads out with a stranger? I would certainly check the so called company just like I am checking the reviews for clear choice.


What ever person who ever you are, your letter sounds like the beginning of a penthouse forum letter. I suggest you get a life....


Can`t even play the Blues anymore....Bummer


***...thats really messed up..they took your harmonica collection


R u for real...lol


anonymous; sounds like a novel . lol


Hahaha... great story.

I will definatley go straight to clear choice. No detours for this gal.


I had the dental implants done and could not be happier! I have a beautiful smile now - yes, it is not cheap but you get what you pay for and dental work is expensive...I love Clear Choice and would recommend them to anyone who wants to have a beautiful smile!


How long have you been a ClearChoice employee ? do they pay commisions.


we love them to and I do not work for them!!!! It cost my husband $45,000 and it was the best money we ever saved for and borrowed. his teeth were terrible only 16 left had partial plates etc could not eat well in pain.

We went to Clear choice Rockville MD We can only speak about them and their staff.


*** Wonder what they got for posting this ***?!?!?



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