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Hi, I was doing a search for Clear Choice as my brother recommend that I should check into it since I have really bad teeth & have had a majority of them extracted. I'm glad I came upon this site and your review.

I too dislike making complaints, but I can appreciate your review since it was honest. I feel so terrible that you went through such a horrible experience and how badly it has impacted your life! What you are dealing with is outrageous. It sounds terribly painful and quite scary!

I had no idea that implants could end up messing things so badly that you have to see a neurologist.

Tooth/teeth pain is one of the worst pains to endure in my opinion. I am truly sorry for what you are dealing with. I hope you are able to find a solution or possibly even a lawsuit if necessary.

I felt inclined to write you to let you know that your review did make a difference and will save me from going to Clear Choice as well as research more about dental implants and the side effects if I do them at all. I am sincerely grateful for the time you took to share what happened to you.

Best Wishes! Thank you kindly ~ Tristan

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Location: Riverton, Utah

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Dear Tristan, I am not positive but I think you wrote in response to my review of Clear Choice. In my review I mentioned that I don't like making complaints and you said this is something you dislike as well.

I feel better writing my review knowing that it may be helpful to you as you research dental implant options. Like you I had know idea that implants could cause permanent nerve damage and the need to get help from a neurologist. Contrary to what the CC doctors would say they never discussed permanent nerve damage before the surgery. I only heard positive things from them as they were convincing me I was an excellent candidate.

Unfortunately, I signed paperwork that said "nerve damage" was discussed with me before the surgery. When I questioned the line about nerve damage their sales person pushed me to sign saying that " this is just a formality and it never happens". I believed 100% that I would have a great outcome and would never have permanent nerve damage. I had an extremely positive attitude about the surgery.

It never crossed my mind that any problems would occur.

You seem like you are such a compassionate and caring person. Your kind and sensitive words mean so much to me. I am thankful you will take time to research and possibly meet with other dental professionals. I still think dental implants are excellent if the procedure is done right.

The quality and comfort of your life is of paramount importance. Thank you for writing such a sensitive and thoughtful note.

I deeply appreciate your words. Susan

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