Rip off Assembly-Line Gangsters. I went to Clearchoice Dental Implant Center in Austin whereby I got a free evaluation.

Later I paid my $7500.00 to have 2 teeth implants done. Later while having surgery, I'm informed I need to pay them another $1200.00 due to a problem they didn't catch during my free evaluation, then I'm advised that they must remove my gold bridge, and that I must come up with another $7500.00 for them to rebuild me a new bridge and for them to finish the work they had not performed (in otherwords I was being ripped-off to the tune of $16,500.00).

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Location: San Jose, California

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Yes Clearchoice is a scam company. Unprofessional staff, dental assistants allowed to work unsupervised and they hound you for money. They call us customers which infers they’re only seeing us as money and not patients.


Ridiculous. My dentist is doing my implants for $1800 each.

Insurance is paying $750 on each. Find a regular dentist.

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