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I worked at CC for years with some of the most despicable people you will find on this Earth. I know nearly everyone in the company pre-covid including all of the executives.

And today I will name names.

First, I will say "most" centers have good doctors and good sales people but they are ALL controlled by the executives and regional leadership teams who are morally bankrupt and lead by fear. The employees are scared to death of losing their jobs if they do not twist you for your last dime.

Executives - "the 3 wise men" - Kevin, Todd, Mark

Totally corrupt morally, ethically and physically. They care nothing for their doctors, patients or employees (ask the 80% who lost their jobs due to covid). They care only about the money and separating you from it.

Prime example - CC just sold to Aspen for $1 BILLION. Who made out? These guys. Who lost?

The 80% of the people laid off in March to cut the expenses to make the company look good so that a sale could happen.

Regional Leadership

West - Kym, Shane, Dan - three of the worst leaders have ever worked with. Fear-based and culture nightmares. Do you like to work with a gun to your head? These guys apply the pressure and are worthless.

Even though they are the veterans in this company, they got taken to school in 2019 by a young upstart crew. They are a laughing embarrassment as are the executives who decided to keep them after covid and rebuild around them forever dooming this company.

East - Jen, Mike, Anna, Wendy - Well, what to say? Wendy is only here because of her relationship with Jen. And Jen has little experience other than leading the West team in 2019 when they got schooled so why is she still here?

Mike and Anna are two of the most disloyal, brown-nosed people you will find at CC. They make decisions with one thing in mind - their own futures.

How could doctors and salespeople you meet possibly thrive in this environment and care for your treatment when their own leadership doesn't care for you or them?

If you have a need for major dental work, go anywhere else other than Clearchoice.

User's recommendation: go anywhere other than here.

Monetary Loss: $1.

Preferred solution: close your doors and if you were mentioned in this ad, go out into a field and don't come back.

Location: 8200 East Belleview Avenue, Englewood, CO 80111

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I can concur with all the above statements.

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