I went to Clear Choice in Rock Hill SC. When I arrived the receptionist was nice but seemed very fake nice. About 10 mins later the financial assistant Joanne came out to get me. I explained I was looking to get 6 total implants. I heard all of what they did saw the replicated dentures watched a video and was brought back for the scan.

Keep in mind when I called them before the appointment I asked specifically if they did single implants and they said yes!

Upon getting the scan results I was told they could do the implants and I also had an impacted canine. I was ok with what the doctor said until he switched gears and said having all of them removed would be the better option. I said I wasnt interested in getting all removed as my dentist said it wasnt necc. He proceeded to tell me he could remove the impacted canine and graft it right away but wouldnt be able to do the work until like six months out. I said I wanted it done sooner than that so it looked like I would go somewhere else. He spent a total of 5 mins with me ad left never coming back in.

The finance woman said oh how I needed to do this for me how it needed to be done by their facility and it would save me a lot of money. She then quotes me for complete removal of all my upper teeth for 25000. I said thats not what I wanted I wanted just the 4 done like my dentist was saying. (my dentist didnt do implants but referred me too others, I checked out clear choice on my own) So $25,000 for removing and putting in dentures. 2 of the implants I needed were on the bottom so they never even mentioned those.

She asked me then how my finances were and wanted to try to get me funding or use my care credit or the promise note. I said I want ready to make a decision and she became more agitated. I said I would think about what she had said and would call her after I checked out the other dentists.

I left the office just wondering if everyone has this issue.

About an hour later I sent her an email thanking her for her time and I would let her know by the next day what I decided. I went to see another dentist in Florence that same day. When I got out of that office I saw the email response on my phone from clear choice.

by some miracle they were able to drop the pricing down from 25000 to 12500.

That to me was a clear signal they were bulls**tting people from the get go. To drop down that much in just an hour was a bit bizarre. High pressure sales tactics didnt work and so they drop the price and wanted to take the 1000 off my care credit to get started.

Needless to say I got my work done some where else. My sister went through almost identical problem as well.

Do your research of other dentists before going here. They are seem to be only interested in the money and if it dont work they reduce the price.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Location: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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thanks a lot! i was gonna try them..not now..shows the power of reviews!


I wouldn't recommend them and I am a patient.


That's a typical scam type high pressure sales practice. Time shares used to use that and if you notice a lot of products on channels that have paid advertising do that too.

"Wait if you call within the next five minutes, we'll double the offer" bit. So sick of unscrupulous people and companies.


Where did you have yours done? I live in Myrtle Beach.

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