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I was considering getting my teeth replaced by Clear Choice. I even made an appointment, but after reading numerous reviews, I cancelled the appointment.

When asked if I wished to reschedule, I told them "NO". Within a very short time after hanging up the phone, I was called back by a Clear Choice employee who demanded to know why I decided to not go the Clear Choice appointment/facility. I informed said person that I too* was recording this conversation, and they were never to contact me again, or I would file an action against them with the FTC as well a criminal complaint in my state for, Criminal Harassment/Harassing Phone Calls. After reading some of the posts on this site, several of which actually threaten physical violence against people who are referred to as customers, I was shocked!!!

I will not tell you my professional background, but I will say this, if you actually believe that because you post anonymously, you are shielded from being identified and criminally prosecuted, trust me, you are sadly mistaken! Further, if someone has even a potential legal action, and as a result you threaten them, you have committed a felony! * Also, before one of the "non-employees" cries foul because I said I recorded the phone call, I will explain. When, at the outset of every phone call your company makes/receives, there is a statement that informs the "customers " that the aforementioned calls are being recorded: both parties are now aware that said call is/may be being recorded, therefore any expectation of privacy either party may otherwise expect/enjoy evaporates, thus I too can legally also record the call.

[Not intended as legal advise] Why would some random person, with nothing to gain, acost, and even threaten someone who posts an opinion, or comment about a company? Very suspect conduct for a "non-employee", with no skin in the game!

Lastly, if I paid thousands of dollars for services, and implants I did not receive, I would seek criminal charges [in my State] for larceny by false pretenses, via a deceptive or fraudulent scheme, as well as file a complaint against their medical licenses with the appropriate States' Board of Registration/Licensing! Thank God I cancelled!!!!!!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Commercial.

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Be damn glad you cancelled. Clearchoice is a scam. I paid them 55k and regret it.

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