Customer service person called to remind me of appt. I had just scheduled the day before.

He called from a local number and asked if I got the letter. I said "no" thinking it was a letter in the mail. He then went on to insult me because he meant a letter sent to my email. Realizing this, I told him yes, I had already filled it out.

He then asked if I had had my coffee that day and what time it was where I lived. These questions were clearly inappropriate as he had a phone number close to mine. Next day I got the same thing in the mail. Directions were published online were clearly wrong and I got lost.

I should have downloaded a map and set my GPS since the center was not far and it took me 45 minutes to find the place which was not clearly marked. After arriving, I waited for 1/2 hour and finally asked how much longer to wait. They said about 15 minutes more and I walked out. MY TIME IS AS IMPORTANT as theirs is and I should have been scheduled better.

I want nothing to do with a business who operates in such an nonprofessional manner.

There are plenty of dentist out there who would be happy to have my money. They clearly do not.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

Preferred solution: be on time and give correct directions. Honor the patient as important..

Clear Choice Cons: Lack of concern, Poor scheduling, Pone customer service.

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I think anything to do with "Clear Choice" should be enough info and specific doctors names are not important....sorry you joined the CLEAR CHOICE group of Dentists as a dentist and now are subject to their rip off scams...


why don't people giving reviews ever give the identity/location of the doctors they are reviewing?

it's very annoying, if you're trying to help people avoid bad people then tell us where and who you went to for Petes sake!!!


You do not need a name, if they tell you they need to see it before they give you any kind of price, than they are BS. If they tell you the crown is not the same or cost a lot more than a regular crown, hang up.

I have spoke to the dental lab owners and the crown is no different so to speak and does not cost 10 times more like the dentist wants you to believe. Many different companies make a implant system, Some of the crowns are glued to the abutment and some screwed. The implants are Titanium for the most part or all I have been told and the implant and abutment I guess costs maybe cost 200.00 or 300.00 on average. The crown cost like a normal crown depending on if you use a porcelain over noble metal or high noble etc.

or there are new kinds available but the price is about the same. I have had quotes from 1200.00 to 2500.00 for just the crown. When I call any dentist, they all tell me they have to see me. I say, what is there to see, the tooth is missing.

I tell them if it needs a sinus lift or bone graft, I will not hold them to the price, but give me some idea. Some will finally give me a range like 3000.00 to 6000.00. That is not a range, it's a down payment for a house.

Shop around, go to a school, or get screwed. That is a Clear Choice!


Thanks for the info. I have an appointment with them this morning. Think I'll find a better choice instead of the clear one.

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