I had 4 top implants in 2014 and 4 years later I was still going in every few weeks for adjustments that never worked. I went for outside consultations and each Dr. found something wrong. I had an extensive exam with xrays, ct scan, panoramic view and brought back to Clear Choice with a price tag from the examining dr. of $9,200. Clear Choice Dr. was so angry and he never addressed the necessary changes. It was downhill from there. I was having to come back each and every COUPLE OF WEEKS for a new adjustment. I often asked at this point (maybe 2-3 years into my relationship with Clear Choice, and in a nice way, if perhaps I could get some compensation to go elsewhere and was laughed at. I was threatened by a Dr. who knew how I felt about dentures. He would threaten to take out the implants and give me dentures that he knew I did not want rather than send me on my way with some refund of the $18,000 I already paid to see someone who knew what they were doing, since he apparently did not. The suffering I endured, and still do is ruining my life due to lack of sleep, pain, obstruction in my mouth and just plain suffering day and night. So in Nov. of 2017, I decided to break my ties and live with the suffering until I could afford to have another implant specialist fix the mess in my mouth. I made what I planned to be my final appointment. As I sat in the chair waiting for HIM to come into the room, and before I could speak to him, he entered the room, like he was on a mission and he took out my teeth, sent them to the lab, had me put into a lounge room by myself for nearly 4 hours, (no one ever coming in to tell me what was happening or simply checking on me) and my husband not knowing anything that was happening but knowing that I was only having an hour appointment sat in the waiting room, asking every once in awhile what was going on with me and all that was said is "she's fine and will be done soon". No one ever checked on me the whole time and I could not leave the room because I had no teeth. It was truly unusual that no one ever checked on me, as I had been in that room before where someone always checked on me and to see if I needed anything, like a magazine.

Finally they came for me and brought me back to the exam room. My teeth were put in and I immediately left and said I would be back the next day. My approximate 1 hr.1 pm appointment now turned into a 4 hr. appointment. At 5pm I dashed out to deal with horrible traffic and a 20 mile drive to reach my granddaughter to pick her up for a school event. My husband met me in the waiting room and asked me what happened in those 4 hours, I told him that I didn't know and hurried to the car. When I got into the car and looked in the mirror, I screamed and scared my husband. He said WHAT? I said "look what he did to me"! He shortened my teeth to make me look like I have no teeth. That I have dentures that I left home on my bedside stand. I was hysterical.

When I reached my granddaughters to pick her up, my daughter asked what happened as he knew I only had a 1 hr. appointment. When she looked at me she said "Mom, why don't you have your teeth in?" I said I do and forced a huge smile just to show that somewhere in there are teeth that you cannot see unless you force an unnatural smile. I was sick to my stomach.

The next day I showed up for the appointment. When the Dr. came into the room, all I said in a calm way was "what did you do" and why did you do it without asking me or telling me what you were going to do?" He did not answer me, I said you have to fix what you did and his reply was "I'M NOT FIXING ANYTHING, I'M DONE WITH YOU". I began to become hysterical and asked again "you have to fix this, why did you do this without asking me or telling me first.? I asked again, please, you have to fix what you did and his reply again was "No, I'm not fixing anything, I'm done with you and told me I would be getting a letter dismissing me from him and the Clear Choice Facility (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) and he walked out and left me hysterically crying with 2 women watching over me, allowing me to cry until they finally said, "you have to leave". They walked me out and as I passed by the front desk they all said was "have a nice day".

I called Corporate and the lady I spoke to said that she could do nothing, that she only handles administrative issues. There was no one else. I researched the company and found that there were 3 founders who I thought would be interested in the company reputation this man was ruining. Beside my husband, me and I'm afraid, still are, many unhappy, suffering patients in the waiting room as during the 4 years past, that he was coming to appointments hoping for some resolutions that will never be there. So sad. Some came from very far away and are very unhappy.

I tried to sue but dentists are so protected and this man purposely wasted my time sending me on wild goose chases to find a free consultation to find out if I had TMJ, which he already told me that I had, caused by what he did to my mouth. What I mean that he did, was push me past something that I was not even aware of "Statute of Limitations" which pushed me passed the time I had to sue him. No attorney would even take my case, and the dr. knew it. When I told him that I would have to get an attorney, he said "oh, do you want some names, I have plenty for you". He knew that there would be nothing I could do.

I will never give up, searching for something that will hurt his business maybe by helping others to stay away from him in the Ft. Lauderdale office and Clear Choice itself. Since then, I only have heard bad things about this organization and wished I only knew others experiences before I got involved. I recently was told by an implant dr. I saw that "MY IMPLANTS ARE FAILING" so the expense that I am facing is astronomical and will probably be impossible for me to fix.

The dr. at the Ft. Lauderdale facility is one to stay away from. He not only is someone who doesn't know what he is doing, but he is a nasty man himself and now I've noticed that he is featuring himself in a Clear Choice commercial to drum up new business. SO BUYER BEWARE! PLEASE.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $18000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Clear Choice Cons: Inability to take full responsibility for damages, Customer service and workmanship, Nasty doctor.

Store Location: 800 W Cypress Creek Rd #580, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33309, USA

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Thank you for confirming what I felt during my consultation with CC this morning - that something just wasn’t right. They want to yank all of my 18 remaining teeth (most of them solid) and charge me $52,000. Nuts!


I'm so sorry this happened to you... I need some dental work but I immediately don't trust a business that advertises that much.

That's definitely a red flag that they're more interested in your money than your health and happiness. I hope you get things straightened out.


Thank you for saving me from disaster at that same office! I had good feelings about them after the consultation but upon reading all the mostly negative reviews I know they are unfeeling crooks. I hope you get better.


I have two implants that were done by an oral surgeon and prosthodontist. I am happy with the results.

I wouldn't trust Clear Choice because the people presented in their ads have awful teeth. Malocclusion, horse teeth, denture look.

This may sound odd, but I tend to distrust providers of medical services who advertise on tv as much as this company. I would much rather have a personal referral from a dentist or a satisfied customer.


That's for the info. I am going to someone else in Coral Springs. Also $4000 less and reputable.

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