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We were told from the beginning that the dental implant my husband would receive would blend in like a natural tooth. It doesn't at all! He is embarassed to smile and the gumline is all receded. I have called and complained many times but they will not do anything to fix it. We spent $6,000 and got a floating tooth that was put in at an angle. It's absolutely horrible looking. If you want a dishonest practice that doesn't care about their customer, then go here. This was the worst decision we made. I don't understand all the positive reviews.

Andrea, one of the employees at the overland park, kansas office is very rude and refused to give me the corporate number. She claimed she didn't know it but when I google to try to find the number it's nowhere to be found. The people who work there do not stand by their work and are quick to blame the customer. The end result of my husband's tooth was really bad.

When my husband first went into Clearchoice in Overland Park, Kansas his gumline looked fine but he was getting braces at the same time as the implant start up and the tooth was extracted and the doctors at the implant center were working with fry orthodontics and did not want to put in the implant until the braces were off. That was 2 years later and by that time the implant was put in at an angle and the gumline had receded after that 2 yr period.

We expressed our concerns about the gumline and the angle of the tooth with the doctors yet nothing was done about it and it was not taken seriously. All we want to do is make the tooth look natural. We may not be able to do anything about the angle of the implant but the gumline needs to blend in with the rest of the teeth so it doesnt look like a floating tooth with no gumline. We want the tooth to look natural which is what we were promised from the start. Dr Cipra doesn't care and said he isn't paying or doing anything to fix my husband's tooth and he refuses to even talk to us. We were lied to in the beginning saying that the tooth wouldn't be noticeable as an implant and that it would blend in naturally. This place is a complete joke. Don't deal with Andrea. She was very quick to give me attitude and said it's our fault the tooth looks the way it does and they will not pay for anything on the tooth to look normal.

We moved from Kansas to San Diego and we were trying to get into the San Diego clinic to have them fix the gumline but the Overland Park, Kansas office refuses to fix the mess they made on my husband. I wish we never went here. They do not care if they do a good job or not. All they care about is the money and they give empty promises on how the tooth will look. They only care about themselves and their own well being and not the customer. It's very sad that there are businesses out there like them that steal from customers and could care less about the end result. It's disgusting.

I'm contacting the BBB and the dental board about them as well as corporate if I can ever get the information since Andrea refused to help me with that info. Be warned! You will not be happy with the after care at this establishment. We are still trying to get a resolution and they don't return calls and if you do call for an update they will give major attitude and put the blame on you even though they did the *** work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Clear Choice Cons: You are just a number, Poor product, Only care about the money and not the customer, Customer service and workmanship.

  • lied
  • Extremely Rude
  • Worst Business We Have Encountere
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