I went in to get two teeth put in the bottom. I met with a salesman that figured out real quick I had money by the time I saw the dentist I was convinced to remove every tooth in my head.

My top teeth only needed whiting. They told me it would be completely over in three months. That was a lie it's been a year and a half I'm still in so much pain I can't function. I lost my job because I couldn't hold anything on my stomach I lost sixty pounds I now way barely 100 pounds.

I complained for a year about the pain they did nothing they told me I was crazy. I even stopped paying them and they still haven't called me. That didnt get attention either.

We need to stand up to these crooks and get some relief from this.. Who's with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

Location: Houston, Texas

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I am with you, I live in sacrsmento, going through *** because of clear choice, they are thieves, that pray on people that only want to be able to smile with confidence, it's been a year of *** for me, stay away from clear choice, they will ruin the teeth you have , and put in pain.


This is true this treat you like celebrities when you talk to the finance manager she doesn’t be transparent with you because you sign off on the paperwork thinking I’m paying for the full proceeder come to find out after they convince me to extra my good teeth. Whereas I went in there to fill up the space.

I end up signing up 18,000 just for upper which is temporary I am now left to pay an additional 8000 for the permanent teeth. They don’t tell you all this until after you extra your good teeth and left with these temporary teeth that cost 18,000 that they cover for only 2 years. Who can pay off 18,000 in 2 years.

So after I pay off this money I have to find another company to put in permanent teeth in my mouth since I don’t know how long these will last and if anything happens to it it’s 250.00 for repairs and I heard they are always busy I wonder why? Do your research and ask questions before signing that paperwork


They feed off people's pain and insecurities. I've been dealing with them for 2 years trying to get my permanent teeth.

After multiple appointments and a 2nd surgery because one of my top screws broke I finally got my permanent set. I CANT EAT and my mouth is always in pain. I taste metal 24/7 and my throat is always sore. Please don't use this company.

They have completely ruined my life i hide in my house and avoid people as much as possible.

I just want to look and feel like myself again so i can enjoy my life and family. Im now in the process of trying to find someone who can make me teeth that actually fit.


I VOTE Class Action Suit for this Company .... I believe Clearchoice have destroyed many life's with Their product "AMERICAN DREAM" that is a FALSE ADVERTISEMENT...


In hands have CLEAR TANGIBLE PROUF'S TO BACK UP IT .... It will Shocked To who read it ....


Yea Thanks!


thanks for taking time to write about your experiences...

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