Implant process started last year. Salesperson told me a bunch of things that turn out to be not true.

My teeth removed upper plate put in posts put into alternate places not were discussed. Doctor says he's going to follow one particular track. Changes tactics and is trying to give me the final set of teeth without doing adjustments and he'll just grind them down till the fit in my mouth. I have the post-surgical set back in my mouth.

My mouth is killing me. This set catches food everywhere. There's a great lack of trust at this point. I'm sure when I go in for the alleged adjustment that I insisted on, he's going to slap me with the final set in basically tell me to get out.

During my last visit he was trying to put me in the final set of teeth and hand me my bags in my records and let me go.

This after he promised me in another set of adjustments to make sure that they fit properly before he ordered the final teeth. How do we fix this?

User's recommendation: Buyer beware, individually operated.

Location: Tampa, Florida

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