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Clear Choice suckered me in to getting the all-on-four. The total amount was 52K.

I had several missing teeth, and went along with this being told this was the better option. After a series of appts and lots of pain/discomfort I'm still very dissatisfied. I've had several talks and/or arguments with staff.

Sometimes I would be given a dental assistant to work on the all-on-four cleaning process and at least 3x it was done improperly. Also, one of the Dentist would come in to check everything and he added to more pain/discomfort by drilling down on a bony piece that was sticking out from my gums.

On another occasion the same Dentist tried to even out the prototype on one side and began changing the fit of it. I consulted with the Prosthodontist regarding this and he said "that was not suppose to occur."

I just had my 6-month check up after receiving the all-on-fours and I have ongoing sensations in the gum nerves, pressure, bruising on the top rt side gum, and a ton of discomfort. My speech is slurred when saying particular words and I was told that, it would get better.

Also, my jaws have sunken in and I was never told that this could happen.

Please, whatever you do, try to save your natural teeth and if you can't, look for a better service. Do Not Use Clear Choice!

Reason of review: Not as described/ advertised.

Monetary Loss: $52.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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I also got the all on four implants and a denture. The denture broke twice and I am now being told it was only "temporary" and I will have to pay $8000 more for something that won't break.

This is classic upselling and a scam. Run, do not walk away from these people. It is nothing but a giant marketing scam.

Go to a real dentist instead. I wish I had.


I feel your pain. I’m out 55k and feel ashamed and ripped off.

Clearchoice is a scam. Just like you I was the most important person on earth then after they got my money they didn’t give a damn about me. Still trying to get through the process. Staff turnover is high at the CC in Overland Park Ks.

Seems like a clown show every time I go to an appointment. Oral surgeon doesn’t know what the Prosthodontist is doing to my mouth and vice versa. I could’ve gotten the Cadillac of dentures for 5k. One time I was 30 minutes late to an appointment due to traffic so I had to turn around and drive 7 hours back home cause they refused to see me even though there was nobody in the lobby waiting.

Another time I drove 14 hours round trip just for a 3 minute 3D scan.

They said I’d be doing the scan and an implant on that visit but when I got there they said the doctor was unavailable, probably out golfing. I wouldn’t recommend and would love to see this business shut down.

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