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I have implants - have for years now. Their TV ad says they can do it in ONE DAY.

In a word..B_____IT! They can install the implant in ONE day, sure, but the entire process takes months believe me. If you are considering implants locate a reputable local (NON-FRANCHISED) Dentist. A good Dentist that specializes in implants will gladly supply you with reviews.

They are not inexpensive but I honestly can't tell my implants (I have three) from my own teeth.

Any franchise or any DDS for that matter, that makes the process sound like a walk in the park is pulling your leg.

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Commercial.

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Having just had a consult with these guys I've been in sticker shock. 45,000???

Who has that kind of money? Theyes wont participate in any insurance, not even for yearly cleaning. And a 5 year guarantee only.

With all the money they sink into ads and commercials, they are making it out of reach for most people. I felt worse then before I saw them.

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