I had my upper implants done at the Clear Choice in Daly City, CA a few years ago. I was told that they would last a lifetime.

Well, it's been about a little over two years and I recently had a second break on the upper teeth. I was told when they were fixing the first break that they would break again. When I asked why this would happen, I was told that my implants were just made of plastic and because I didn't have the best material, they would continue to break. I was shocked at this as I had no idea that there were different qualities to choose from.

Not once did anyone tell me that there was a choice. I just figured that they deliberately put the most breakable material in first so that the patient would probably have to repair them and end up getting more money out of it. You know, profit is everything in business!! And what better way than to have to put in a second set of implants and make more profit.

So now, since I lost a tooth which ended up falling into the San Francisco Bay which was lost forever, I am really glad and thankful that we are having to wear masks due to the Pandemic.

At least when I'm away from home, I can hide the fact that I have a missing tooth in the front of my mouth. I am so upset with them that I really don't know what to do at the ppresent time.

User's recommendation: Make sure you get the highest quality implants!!!

Location: Tucson, Arizona

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