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thank you ,I know life can be full of hardship but true love is forever and all I ever whish for is for a smile from my daddy.so tell me is that to much to whish for,a smile asmile we all should want . may god bless you all ,and thanks I will keep the faith

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to all this may concern.my name is george manning and wrote clear choice and sent email's begging clear choice to help my father. and they turned me down over and over again,all I wanted is for my father to smile at me before he leave this world,I told clear choice that I was willing to pay installment's till I pay it off,look were poor and I tried every where for help for my father..all I wish for is to see my daddy smile before he go that's all,wouldn't you do the same for your daddy..sorry for my crying but if you or anyone can help me please im begging you anyone that will hear my cry...clear choice won't,I know everything is about money.but sometimes money will not buy you real happyness..but I have faith that god will put love in someone hart instead of greed.and bless me and my daddy.my complaint is about fairness and not greed..

Location: Sacramento, California

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Get him a set of false teeth, it's much cheaper than implants.


can you get your daddy dentures, trust me he will be much happier, I have been living a nitemare for a year because of clear choice, if he is dying, and I am so very sorry to hear that, you don't want him in more pain, and I am not saying your father is not worth the money, but the work clear choice does is not worth the money or your pain. Good luck to you and your dad.


I completely understand. try calling Dental Lifeline.

They provide high quality dentistry for people that fit their qualifications (disabled, elderly, unable to pay) 212- 598- 9000. even if you are not from the New York area, I think they can refer you to other locations.

Hope this helps and gets Daddy a beautiful smile


Why spend thousands on implants when he could get regular dentures? Anyways I hope everything worked out for you and your Dad.God Bless.

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