clearchoice charges a lot of money for their all-on-four procedure, $48k for both arches in my case. Everything started out great but when I got to the point of getting my final, permanent set of teeth they were minimally functional at best.

They also look very fake. I chose zirconia (the most expensive option) which turned out to be very opaque and has no translucency unlike natural teeth. The acrylic looks better in my opinion but it isn't as durable, so it's a catch 22.

They leave off your back molars which makes it difficult to chew.

The teeth are very blunt (too smooth and rounded vs. sharp) so food slips off easily....

Also, my centric relation and occlusion never seemed right either.

They also claim that you can design the teeth any way you want (size, shape color, etc.) however when I requested changes they balked or the changes were barely noticeable....

I eventually came to the conclusion that my prosthesdontist was inexperienced

Ultimately I had to call the corporate office to transfer my care to a different clearchoice altogether...


Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Implants.

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How did you talk them in Dallas Texas


Did corporate help you? They didnt help me at all.

but they did help the office manager give me a vindictive refund.

My review is titled All they care about is your money. Good luck I hope your able to get them fixed.


Yes Clearchoice sucks. I wasn’t given the option to choose my gingiva color or tooth size.

I only chose color. These zirconiums aren’t as nice and slim fitting as I thought they’d be. I’ve seen a guy in the Cadillac of dentures and the teeth look so nice compared to mine and I spent 50k more than he did. Only advantage I have is mine are fixed.

The temps I got after my extractions were much nicer than what I have now. Overall Clearchoice sux.

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