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I have had dental issues my whole life, I've never been happy with my smile so I rarely did; which people took as a sign I was "mean." So I went in for the consult, filled out a brief survey and watched the amazing videos. I was blown away when they mentioned it was $8,900 on the cheap side but for a complete fix it would be a little over $19,000.00.

I did not qualify for the financing, and there were no other payment options. The lady I spoke with wanted $1,000.00 down to show them I was "serious." The dentist that came in didn't offer anything, just asked if I had any questions. I left feeling terrible, when the videos all stated you don't have to be rich to have a wonderful smile, well you actually do. How many people have 8-19 k just laying around.

When I left, she asked what I wanted to do, I told her I'd call her later and she said remember a beautiful smile can go a long way and smiled at me! Really, like I didn't know that, which is why I went there. I am not looking of other solutions.

I've found a actual dentist office that do implants and it is less than a third of the cost. I am moving forward to this experience and will never consider clear choice again.....

Product or Service Mentioned: Clear Choice Dental Service.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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I had a similar experience. I'd had to have all my teeth pulled in 2007, at age 44.

In 2009, Clear Choice opened an office here in Phoenix, AZ. So after seeing their commercial with Tony Randall, I scheduled an appointment. For a dental office, the place was very well appointed (with large flat-screen TV on the waiting room wall, and smaller versions in the offices that I saw).

After the 360 degree MRI/X-ray was evaluated, I was determined to be an "excellent candidate".

Oh Happy Days...until the other shoe dropped...the cost. Keeping in mind that all my teeth had been previously extracted, the quoted cost for full upper and lower implants would be, wait for it, $54,700 (which included extractions). When I pointed out that extractions wouldn't be necessary, I was told that it's calculated into the price whether it's needed or not. Can you say, RipOFF?...sure you can.

I did! And, while I was making over $61K/year, my credit wasn't up to what their HealthOne Financing wanted for approval so the only finance option was out. I left feeling very dejected and depressed.

Six months later, the lady I'd dealt with contacted me again, saying that she might have a way to get the cost reduced and had me come in.

It was a "snow job" (aka ***) because she ended up giving me the exact same quote as before. At that point I told her that, "I drive a Honda because I CAN'T afford a Mercedes".

Now, in early 2013, shortly after being laid off from my job of almost 5 years (due to facility closure) she emails me with a claim that she can get the cost lowered to "around $44K". I informed her that I am now unemployed; and that, even if I were still making the same level of income as I had been during our two prior encounters, I was no longer willing to consider Clear Choice and it's outrageously overpriced services.

Especially when there are "mini-dental implants being offered for 1/2 or less of Clear Choices fees.

Unfortunately, there are few jobs paying $65K/year jobs in Electronics, here in Arizona. So, it's unlikely that I'll be in the financial situation again where dental implants would be possible.

Especially when "dental insurance coverage" is the pathetic joke that it is.


sorry you felt that way, i could not disagree with you more, but every person has a different experience. the 1000 down was only when you decided to go forward and schedule for the whole process to begin. I am in month 4 of the process and could not be happier with my health and my decision.


I have my surgery scheduled for December. Even though I'm already started on the process, I'm still doing research.

Most of the negative feed-back I'm seeing has to do with cost.

Well, that is a personal problem - not a ClearChoice problem... in MY opinion.


Who did you find for a third of the cost? I'm broke too

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