I've spoken to three dental implant offices and got several different lies. The total cost for upper and lower arches would be $46K to $50K, including 6 extractions.

Guess what price I ended up being quoted. I have been told by all dental offices that my procedure would take 6 to 8 hours, I asked each of them why they feel they are worth $6,500./hour. In all three cases they had no answer, two just stared at me and walked away. This is outright theft and fraud but these are dentists and in 60 years I have never met an honest one.

Thanks for nothing. One office wanted $370.

to $397./extraction, I needed 6 extractions and somehow they felt justified charging $2800.00. They said it would take 45 minutes for all 6.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

Location: Maple Ridge, British Columbia

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There is no clear choice in british columbia? Where did you go?


I agree I had a dentist off backlick road who pulled just about all my peers and upper backs, paid an outrageous amount then $2600. For partial plates.

I kept explaining I wanted implants and he kept blowing me off saying they would be $20000.

Long story short lost lower plates didn't return in timely manner so upper plates didn't fit any longer do to teeth shifting. Prior to the return a upper tooth broke, so he wanted to crown tooth then have hygienist perform a deep cleaning under gums then remold upper plate that I have him when I return and explained the past problem.

His hygienist hurt me so bad just mapping depth of each tooth to be cleaned , I cancelled appt. And never returned then after 10 months I decided to at least pick up my $1300 upper plates even if they didn't fit.

And that thief swore he returned them. I don't see how since I never returned after hygienist trauma. They are absolute criminals. Stay away from Dr.

Stephen Price. I need to take him to small claims court.


Take a vacation to India and get it done for $1000 all your tooth with a royal treatment.


If you are only complaining about the cost, then go somewhere else. When you find that the cost is similar everywhere, you will see that this is just what it costs.

As for 6500 per hour.....you are not hiring a plumber here. Just the implant parts and prosthetic/lab components alone cost the dentist about 15,000 just for them to go purchase the supplies for each case. When you pay about 20,000 per arch, the surgeon and the prosthodontist each get about $3000.

For some reason people think the fees go straight into the doctor's pocket and the rent, staff, taxes, supplies, OSHA, etc is all free.

The good news is that you don't need teeth to live. You just need teeth to live well.


*** comment why don't you think through what you write


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